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  1. Software is our strongest engineering skills.

  2. Our staff consists of engineers with over 50 years of experience in programming control systems. We stand behind our work unconditionally. We have guaranteed from the first day that we will fix any bugs found in the software developed by Omnix free of charge. There is no limit to when a bug can be reported. We continue to make this guarantee because our engineers employ proven design techniques and programming practices.

  3. Our skill sets include:

  1. System Architecture and design

  2. Web-based Applications

  3. Human-Machine Interface

  4. Database Design and Integration

  5. Device Interface and Driver Development

  6. Embedded Systems

  7. C# .Net

  8. Java

  9. Visual C++

  10. Visual Basic

  11. Perl

  12. ASP

  13. JSP

  14. SQL

  15. HTML/XML

  16. COM/OLE

  17. Windows CE/Pocket PC